Eco Timber offers a massive array of options when considering your internal ceilings and walls. Using timber in your ceiling and wall design not only ensures a cost effective solution for interior design but also creates a warmth that other products simply do not. When considering your internal design timber should be your first point of call, its a natural product and is much better for the environment than other building materials. Let alone the fact that it also can be recycled.

Eco Timber offers different size battens to compliment your design as well as a range of wall and roof lining so no matter what aesthetic you are trying to achieve you can be sure that this Melbourne timber supplier has the timber ceiling design that you are looking for.


Timber battens are becoming increasingly popular for both interior and exterior applications, thanks to their versatility

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Christmas Holidays - Website

Please note Eco Timber Group will be closed from the 29/12/23 till 8/01/24. 

Please email us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as we return.

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