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Wood Is the Sustainable Material You Want in Your Home
4 Reasons Why Wood Is the Sustainable Material You Want in Your Home
More and more people are choosing to opt for sustainable resources and eco-friendly choices in their everyday life. To reduce
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Engineered Timber Flooring Melbourne
What Should You Know About Engineered Timber Flooring in Melbourne?
Wooden flooring, even today, remains a highly preferred choice for many Melbourne homeowners. They have an earthy quality, warmth beneath
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New Vs Recycled Timber
New Vs Recycled Timber – What to Know Before You Buy
There are more suppliers for recycled timber in Australia as there are new timber; choosing between the two is difficult
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Eco Timber group have been supplying architectural timber for Melbourne’s brightest builds for the last 14 years.   If you
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The Story Behind Our Expertise in Recycled Timber
 Tell us how Eco started: I (Josh) went out to the market and noticed that there was not a lot
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Swedish House1
The Benefits of Weathered Timber
    One of the many benefits of incorporating timber is the distinctiveness that it imparts to any project. With
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