Introducing Eco Timber Group’s 120mm and 72mm Secret Fix External Shiplap Cladding, the perfect choice for your outdoor living space! This beautiful natural timber cladding is sourced from sustainable forests in Australia, making it an ecofriendly and durable choice. Shiplap Cladding is easy to install and comes in a range of sizes and colours to fit your individual needs. Enjoy the classic look and feel of real hardwood in your outdoor space and create a timeless design that will last for years to come.

Eco Timber Group is unique in their offering of external timber cladding and interior timber cladding in that we offer various reclaimed timber cladding options as well as new milled timbers. This offering comes in our standard 120mm or 72mm or in a custom timber cladding of your choice. Being a full cycle dry mill from sourcing right through to drying and milling we can showcase the amazing diversity and character timber has when used in conjunction with a beautifully designed home.

Why Eco Timber Groups Shiplap Cladding?

We have spent decades perfecting the design to provide a clean, crisp modern cladding system that differs from the rest of the cladding options within our industry. The board is an adaptation of the generic Shiplap Profile System with the added benefit of a specifically designed tongue and groove to allow for timber movement. Meaning that when installed correctly and to Australian Standards our cladding system can virtually be used in any environment and in any weather conditions. Please call us to receive an installation guide or ask us about an installation within your specific scope and climate if unsure.

The design (which has been engineered in house) creates a lineal cladding look that suits modern builds and creates a contemporary finish that elevates any external facade. All solid timber that is used within our profiles and products is sourced, milled and finished by us, meaning our QC process is thorough and not one stick of timber leaves our mill without being vet checked at every stage. If the product is not right and we are at fault we wear the cost to replace it entirely.


(subject to availability);

Spotted Gum

Red Ironbark

Grey Ironbark



Silvertop Ash


Sugar Gum


Available in the following finishes

Shou Sugi Ban Charred

Natural Finish

Rough Sawn or Wire Brushed

Clear Oiled

Internally Sealed (Polyurethane Coating)

Greyskin Recycled

If you are seeking another timber or custom size that is not within our range give us a call as we can more than likely source or produce it for you.



Our tongue and groove shiplap system offers complete ease of install and when combined with our self drilling 'Blackheadz' screws install is a breeze!


Timber is a renewable and recyclable building material. Which during its lifecycle acts as a carbon deposit.


Large range of options for limitless design creativity. As well as options to create your own cladding profile.


With a 40 year above ground durability rating and 25 years for in ground applications our Class 1 Bal 29 Ironbark Blackbutt and Spotted Gum products will stand the test of time.