Shou-Sugi-Ban, also known as Yakisugi Cladding or Charred Timber Cladding is a traditional Japanese method of charring timber that aims to preserve the timber for long term use.

The process uses real flames that burn the surface of our 120mm or 72mm shiplap cladding forming a carbon layer on the exterior of boards as it passes along the surface, this protects the timber and reduces the maintenance, all while offering a unique and organic finish that cannot be replicated by paints or stains.


If you are looking for charred timber cladding in Australia you should look no further than Eco Timber Group’s charred timber. Why is our product better? We take the stance that there is only one type of timber that can be used and that is a Class 1 Bal 29 Australian Timber notably Red and Grey Ironbark or Spotted Gum. Through testing almost every type of timber available in Australia including softwoods, we found that Spotted Gum and Ironbark should be your first and final point of call when it comes to charred products. It’s cut in Australia (guaranteeing FSC, PEFC and Responsible Wood sustainability) and it is unmatched compared to other hardwoods or thermally modified alternatives, both in durability and stability.



ECO TIMBER GROUP manufactures all Shou Sugi Ban Charred timber products in house using only Australian sourced timbers. At Eco we support local mills to help keep our local industry alive. Choosing our products also sees less of a carbon footprint than imported thermally modified softwoods or other imported timber (think carbon and fumigation emissions on importation and carbon costs to thermally modify the timber).

We are the Charred Specialists

We established the very first commercialized charring line introduced to the Architectural market, setting the standard for charred timber cladding suppliers and the charred timber market for over the last 10+ years. From our Maddingley Dry Mill Facility, Eco Timber have perfected the art of charred cladding and other charred products. Our team has been with us since the beginning meaning they are all experts in our hardwood charing methods and will deliver your projects with high quality charred products that outperform our competition time and time again. For charred timber cladding in Australia look no further than Eco Timber Group.

Scratch Resistance

Scratches or bangs during installation of cladding is almost unavoidable and we know all too well that charred timber especially can be difficult to erect without some sort of damage to the outer carbon crust. This is why our director personally saw to formulating a process of charring that see’s up to 3mm of penetration into the surface of the timber. Meaning our Shou-Sugi-Ban charred timber maintains a black charred finish even if scratched.


Fire Resistance and Durability

ECO TIMBER GROUP charred timber cladding is less susceptible to weathering, fading and insect attack than other traditional finishes. All Eco Timber Bal 29 Class 1 timber is fire resistant meaning that it is suitable for almost every type of construction.

Will it make a mess?

Once the charred cladding is installed it will take around 3 months to settle onto the wall. After this time all the micro dust will have dissipated and you will be able to rub your hand on the wall without it leaving any black marks. If you are installing the charred cladding inside opt for our internally sealed polyurethane coating, which locks in the charred dust so from install it leaves no marks (not suitable for external application).

What Timber is used for charring?

At ECO TIMBER GROUP we have tested many types of timber in our never ending pursuit of the perfect charred timber product. We have concluded that the below timber is what should be your first and final point of call;

Class 1 Ironbark
Class 1 QLD Spotted Gum
Deep Charred vs Standard CharreD

At ECO TIMBER GROUP we have two types of charred timber finishes that we specialise in. Each holds its own unique place in your build. Not only in appearance but also in tradition.


Standard Charred TImber

One is our standard charred timber which is a very consistent smooth finish with very minimal crackle. This finish is not a traditional Yakisugi Japanese Cladding look but rather an Australian adoption which we think makes the appearance cleaner and more uniform. 

DEEP Charred TImber

The next is a more traditional Yakisugi Cladding finish. This type of charred timber has a deep crackle and looks a little like the skin of a saltwater crocodile. It creates a more popped looked to the timber and of course a more textured appearance. Please note because timber is a natural product the crackle may be heavier on some boards than others, this is due to varying density of individual boards.


Where else can I use Shou-Sugi-Ban Charred Timber?

Our products have been featured across the Australian states in noteable community projects, high end Architectural projects and Designer residential homes (including coastal developments). Charred timber is such a versatile product and can be used both internally or externally. We have seen;



Our tongue and groove shiplap system offers complete ease of install and when combined with our self drilling 'Blackheadz' screws install is a breeze!


Charred timber requires re-oiling once every 5-7 years meaning you lower your maintenance costs dramatically.


Large range of off the shelf and custom profiles available, meaning your cladding can be the stand out on the street.


With a 60 year above ground durability rating and 25 years for in ground applications our Class 1 Bal 29 Ironbark and Spotted Gum charred products will stand the test of time.