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You have no doubt heard about the advantages of using charred timber cladding in Australia, as it is the perfect process to provide timbers with long term durability. Besides, it offers a long term maintenance free colour fast option. External timber cladding offers an immensely versatile option that enables you to create structures that are not only durable but reflect a natural appeal. This makes our charred timber wall cladding solutions a superior choice.

The charring process creates a carbon crust that is U.V resistant and not susceptible to “Silvering out”. It is also well documented that the charring process improves timbers durability and resistance to insect attack. Best off all it looks great!

Eco Timber only uses Australian hardwoods, all of which attract a BAL 29 fire rating, and are class one durability, perfectly suited for most properties and areas.

Typically, the species we use are Red Ironbark, Queensland Spotted Gum and Blackbutt. All external cladding is pre-oiled following the charring process with Cutek CD50 (penetrative oil).

Any internal applications are sealed with a Matte water based polyurethane to prevent carbon residue coming off the surface and marking people or items.

Lead time is typically two (2) to three (3) weeks following a confirmed order and up to 4 weeks on set length orders.

The material comes in a random length specification or set lengths at an additional 30%.

Our Profiles include:

Nominated finish can be  either our “Standard” or “Deep” ( crackled)  Charred finish when ordering.

  • 120×19 secret fix t/g, end matched
  • 70×19 secret fix t/g end matched

All our shiplap is profiled with an 8mm rebate.

“3D” shiplap profiles are a combination of mixed width and mixed depth profiles. All the profiles are T&G for improved stability;

The “3D” shiplap profiles are inclusive of:

  • Profile A: 120×19 t/g
  • Profile B: 80×28 t/g
  • Profile C: 60×42 t/g
  • Profile D: 35×32 t/g

Charring of timber screens battens, posts, singular “3D” cladding profile selections and custom profiles are also available upon request.

FIXING ­ Our preference is always to pre drill and screw fix through the tongue side of the cladding using a minimum 6 gauge screw with a black powder coated head  OR consider BLACK HEADS by ECO TIMBER GROUP self drilling screws ( 10 Gauge self drilling into hardwoods like this) ! Perfect for this application in face fix or secret fix profiles at a recommended 400-450mm centres. It is also our preference that a 45mmx19mm or greater hardwood batten be applied to the stud frame ( greater for masonry walls) over your moisture membrane for maximum purchase. Over longer wall runs, an expansion joint on the 5th lm board is highly recommended by using a 10mm packer between the 8mm rebate to create an ease.

With our 3D cladding, a galvanised brad fixed through the tongue at 45 degrees is recommended at a minimum or a screw fix ( using “BlackHeadz“)

CHARRED FIXINGS – ECO TIMBER BlackHeadz are our new  10 guage self drilling, stainless steel, 50mm trim head screws, developed for our Charred timber and cladding systems.
Currently available in boxes of 500, Blackheadz have the ability to self-drill into timbers that are 8.6 janka rating and above, to expedite the installation process, whilst disguising the stainless head for all application methods of our cladding.

COATING ­ Once the cladding has been installed, we advise one post coat of BlackASH CUTEK preservative be applied by the builder or yourself. Cutek is a two coat timber care coating with exceptional penetration qualities on all hardwood timbers. This will not only aid the timber in retaining its dimensional integrity but will also seal any end cuts and fixing blemishes created from the install process. Future coats – Ultimately we would love you to consider coating the material every 7 years to help re-hydrate the timber despite it’s class 1 status so consider this for the timbers performance and aesthetics over its lifetime as each coat builds within the timber.

If you wish to know more about our timber products, feel free to reach out to our team. We will be glad to assist you.Contact us today for more information.

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