Internal Shiplap Cladding

Internal Shiplap Cladding

Internal Shiplap Cladding

Interior timber cladding can help breathe new life into an old tired space, bringing in more light and air through the natural tonality of the wood. Eco Timber Group is one of Australia’s leading sustainable timber manufacturing companies, exercising environmental concern by gathering our timber stock from renewable sources that don’t require any additional logging. This means when you get your cladding from us, you get it completely guilt-free

Eco Timber Group has been offering amazing interior timber cladding solutions for a long time, and we’re always eager to lend our expertise to new clients.

Using our 120mm or 72mm hardwood cladding internally is as easy as taking the external cladding and bringing it inside. Engineered to be a diverse solution no matter where it’s installed, our cladding is the one you should trust to liven up any dull space or nook. Internal timber cladding has often been overlooked but is the smart choice for a greener home offering insulation, acoustic protection, structural reinforcement, and a beautifully textured walls.

The species and profiles available for this cladding are
(subject to availability)

Spotted Gum

Red Ironbark

Grey Ironbark



Silvertop Ash


Sugar Gum


Available in the following finishes

Shou Sugi BaN Charred

Natural Finish

Rough Sawn or Wire Brushed

Clear Oiled

Internally Sealed (Polyurethane Coating)

Greyskin Recycled


Quick Install

Our tongue and groove shiplap system offers complete ease of install and when combined with our self drilling 'Blackheadz' screws install is a breeze!


Timber is a renewable and recyclable building material. Which during its lifecycle acts as a carbon deposit.


Large range of species and profiles for limitless design creativity.

WARM ambience

Using timber internally adds warmth and a natural feel that is unmatched with other building materials.


Timber battens are becoming increasingly popular for both interior and exterior applications, thanks to their versatility

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