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ECO TIMBER GROUP offers a wide range of recycled and sustainable timbers products and species across the Australian Hardwood range, included in our range is a locally grown , Class 1 species known as “Sugar Gum” or “Eucalyptus Cladocalyx”, which falls under ECO TIMBER GROUP’s FSC® certification accreditation.

More and more we are seeing a trend that Architects and Designers are specifying FSC® hardwood timber products, yet here in Australia there has always been a limited range of timbers that are available that meet this requirement. Those species and plantations nominated for FSC® certification, most of the time, are not simply able to meet the demand when called for production and so the call for a reliable supply of class 1 Australian Hardwoods that is compliant through FSC® certification has seemed almost impossible to source… That is until now.


Sugar gum, mostly a plantation-grown native hardwood, produces a dense, blonde to mid tanned timber tone, that is both decorative and durable. It was originally planted by our returned service men across farming districts to act as a windbreak against prevailing winds, threatening to blow away upturned top soil from crops, post war. This unique plantation species has a history of farm use from general carpentry, firewood to fencing, so it is more then fitting, given all its benefits, to act as a suitable hardwood timber to use for solid flooring, decking or cladding products within our current range of certified timber offerings.  Sugar gum has the capacity to produce high value sawn timbers and is notably listed as one of the most outstanding species of the four native hardwood species grown in the western districts of Victoria.

Originating in South Australia some Sugar gum  trees can reach up to 35m in height with a classic ‘gum’ habit of a straight trunk and steep branches occurring about half way up from its trunk. Other regions around South Australia produce much shorter trees and often have crooked trunks. Sugar gums are noted for their distinct mottled yellow to orange bark with clusters of flowers grouped on leafless branchlets inside the tree’s crown. The old growth bark is smooth and grey, shedding in irregular patches, exposing the fresh yellowish brown bark.

Timber sections milled from sugar gum is known to have little defect and is desired for its durability. It is particularly suited to situations that require high strength and where appearance is also important, like flooring and joinery applications. Sugar gum polishes to a refined finish making it highly sought after for decorative applications also. The timber’s grain features include figure and fiddle-back, suitable for most other applications and Its durability makes it a valuable timber for external use.

ECO TIMBER GROUP  – FSC®  Products include :

  • Flooring
  • Cladding
  • Decking
  • Posts
  • JOINERY sections (made to order pending feedstock)