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A stunning timber floor that greets you at the entrance and runs the elongation of your line of sight, to complete that overall view of a perfect area!

That solid, sturdy feel under foot, that incredible sense of warmth that only solid timber floors so uniquely provide, offering you that piece of mind of knowing you have made the right selection and found that complimenting solid timber floor.

ECO Timber Group can provide solid flooring solutions in all styles and sizes from rough, raw, featured, clear, wide and wider! If we can source it, we can mill it and make a board just for you.

Every picture starts with a canvas, choosing the right flooring sets the tone for your project and acts in the same way. The right flooring sets the tone or theme for the space you are creating and so the importance of getting that choice right is critical. No pressure of course!

ECO Timber Group has an extensive range of the highest quality solid and smartly designed engineered flooring options, to meet your individual project needs.  We can also customise a floor to suit your requirements to ensure individuality in your creation. The team at ECO Timber Group is here to ensure you get it right the first time so that the end result is picture perfect!

Get in touch with us at (03) 9421 6866 .

Our range of  Solid flooring options is available in boards ranging from

65mm – 265+mm Milled fresh to your liking

Available species:

  • Recycled EX Project Timbers
  • Greyskin r/sawn / wire brushed finished
  • Iron Bark
  • Spotted Gum
  • Black Butt
  • Yellow Stringy Bark
  • Messmate
  • Silvertop Ash
  • Browntop
  • Wormy Chestnut
  • American Oak
  • Tallowwood

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