Eco Timber Group are proud to be one of Australia’s largest innovators and re-users of recycled timber. Sourced from projects in our own backyard, we celebrate the history in each piece by giving it new life so that it can be enjoyed all over again.

At Eco Timber Group we see what others miss! We see the fullest potential for recycled timber and love to create new ways to present innovative concepts that are fit for today’s environmentally conscious consumers and the demand for recycled timber has never been higher.

We stand by our mantra to re-use what would otherwise be wasted and it’s great to see today’s architects and designers following suit.

Eco Timber offers products for the following diverse uses:

  • Posts, Beams for structural members in construction or pergolas.
  • Flooring, Decking, Cladding and Batten products
  • Indoor and Outdoor Bench-tops, Shelving or Furniture.
  • Are Recycled, Re-Purposed and or PEFC/ AFS certified .
  • To help Australian small to larger projects remain socially conscious.
Christmas Holidays - Website

Please note Eco Timber Group will be closed from the 29/12/23 till 8/01/24. 

Please email us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as we return.

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