Engineered Timber Flooring in Melbourne: Heatwood and UrbanOak

Smart and Elegant, Solution Based Flooring:

ECO Timber Group provides engineered timber flooring solutions to Australians unlike anything they’ve seen before. As engineered timber floorboards become more popular, Eco Timber Group’s 20 plus years of experience in the timber construction industry, as well as our own Heatwood and UrbanOak IPs, Eco Timber Group are the engineered timber flooring experts Melbourne can rely on. We bring to you a multitude of recycled timber flooring solutions enabling us to help you to find the perfect fit for your design.

We have superior engineered timber flooring to serve all applications from high wear to Hydronic Heated floors. All our products are tried and tested, and perfect for any home or commercial space.

Get in touch with us at (03) 9421 6866 .

Our boards are available in the following sizes and formats across our two series:

  • 190 x 15mm – DuroWood / UrbanOak
  • 190 x 21mm – UrbanOak
  • 220 x 15/21mm – UrbanOak
  • 235 x 17mm – HeatWood
  • 285 x 17mm – HeatWood
  • 300 x 15/21mm – UrbanOak
  • Custom sizes and Parquetry available on request – HeatWood / UrbanOak

The Evolution of the engineered board has finally arrived…
HeatWood- Stone based engineered timber flooring

HEATWOOD – Typically solid timber floors and in-floor heating do not mix at least not without a long checklist of restrictions and limitations. HEATWOOD is different. It has a composite stone base, making it a great conductor of heat but also providing the appropriate stability to the floor. HEATWOOD has an excellent heat conductivity rating and a very low R value of 1.8. In layman’s terms, HEATWOOD is the most efficient timber flooring product in terms of transfer of heat from substrate through the floor. More importantly, HEATWOOD is designed so that the heat does not destabilise the timber floor, unlike ply based and solid timber floors.

HEATWOOD is 15mm thick, with a 13mm composite stone base, giving it the ability to handle direct heat in a way that solid wood flooring just can’t.

When it comes to putting timber on heat, the answer is typically no. Unless of course, the timber floor has a composite stone substrate. If you are thinking of under-floor heating, think Heatwood.

Call to our HEATWOOD SHOWROOM at 1300 737 960

UO – UrbanOak

UO – UrbanOak

For unparalleled beauty and practicality, why not try Eco Timber Group’s UrbanOak range? Comprising of the best coating systems and colour range on offer, UrbanOak engineered boards also achieve other great feats most engineered boards can’t.

UrbanOak engineered flooring offers you a direct stick application over any flat level substrate including concrete heated slabs. They are made from the best material and offer both a 25 year coating and 25 year structural warranty.

UrbanOak engineered timber flooring is an Australian favourite, and is considered by architects as one of the best flooring systems available on the market today.

Product Info:

  • UrbanOak_TreffertSapphire_15mm_2014[1]
  • UrbanOak_Specs_2014
  • UrbanOak_Maintenance_Doc_2014
  • UrbanOak_UnderfloorHeating
  • UrbanOak_Instructions_2014
  • Urban Oak Spread of Flame
  • Urban Oak slip report
  • UrbanOak_Warranty_Doc_2015

If you need any assistance with engineered timber flooring installation in Melbourne, get in touch with us. We will be glad to assist you to choose the best timber for your project.

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