Welcome, Eco Timber Group prides itself on stepping away from tradition, to innovate stunning architectural, commercial and residential timber products that excite! We are not just your typical group of passionate timber people who show you the same wares and wow you with service.

Our ethos is to be apart of your creative influence, as we set out to find the perfect timber solution, to set your project apart from the rest. With this passion, comes sound advice, care and innovation.

When talking to us, your project is our project and we are all about perfection.

Our mission… To bring innovative and inspiring timber products to the forefront to promote its use, create conversation and have lasting appeal through out the ages, not just the now.

We believe that all timber deserves a second chance!

Our mantra is to set out and source the best and most interesting ex project/ landmark timbers and give them a new out look on the lasting life a head.

We believe that there is more to timber, then just the standard format we are accustom to seeing on the shelves at our local hardware store or in a large pile of miscellaneous sections at your typical recycling yard.

Come in to Eco Timber Group today, take a tour of the showroom and see why so many clients enjoy the service and trust their projects with us.

Christmas Holidays - Website

Please note Eco Timber Group will be closed from the 29/12/23 till 8/01/24. 

Please email us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as we return.

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