Wooden flooring, even today, remains a highly preferred choice for many Melbourne homeowners. They have an earthy quality, warmth beneath the feet and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any living space. Although hardwood flooring is an expensive option, there is an alternative for those who wish to have beautifully grained timber floors for their Melbourne homes – Engineered timber floors. It is budget-friendly, aesthetically and functional like hardwood flooring, but it is easier to maintain and sustainable.

What is Engineered Timber Floors in Melbourne?

Unlike solid hardwood timber flooring in Melbourne, a single solid untreated plank of wood engineered timber floors is a composite creation. Engineered timber floors available in Melbourne are made of multiple layers of wood in a criss-cross fashion, making a solid base for flooring. The final top layer, called the veneer, is a layer of hardwood. The layer structure in a contrasting direction ensures better stability, durability and making it last longer. They are able to resist warping due to moisture absorption.

The benefits of engineering timber floors are low maintenance compared to solid hardwood timber flooring for Melbourne homeowners. It is easier to install and can even be installed below ground level. They are cost-effective and quick to install; that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise on their look. Remember, the top veneer is still hardwood, which will make it have the same luxurious feel as a solid hardwood timber flooring for any Melbourne home.

Eco Timber Group’s Engineered Timber Floors in Melbourne: HeatWood and UrbanOak

Eco Timber Group also provides flooring solutions unlike any other that are both a visual feast with on-trend tones, styles and sizes that offers so much more than just convenience in installing. We bring to you a multitude of recycled timber flooring solutions that can enable you to craft unique designs.

We have an engineered product to serve all applications from high wear to Hydronic Heated floors. All our products are tried, tested and warranted, perfect for any home or commercial application. Whether your preference is for hardwood timber flooring or solid timber flooring, we have an assortment of alternatives for you.

HEATWOOD – Typically, timber floors and in-floor heating do not mix. That applies to solid timber and ply based engineered boards or not without a long checklist of restrictions and limitations. But HEATWOOD is different. It has a composite stone base, making it a great conductor of heat and providing the appropriate stability to the floor. HEATWOOD is the most efficient timber flooring product in terms of transferring heat from the substrate through the floor. More importantly, HEATWOOD is designed so that the heat does not destabilise the timber floor, unlike ply based and solid timber floors.

UrbanOak engineered timber flooring boards are perfect for applications where beauty and practicality are the requirements. UrbanOak engineered flooring offers you a direct stick application over any flat level substrate, including heated concrete slabs. They are made from the best material and offer both a 25-year coating and 25-year structural warranty and have been tried and tested in every scenario. We can apply it from high end residential to large scale commercial, hospitality to multilevel.

With both HEATWOOD and UrbanOak engineered timber flooring options in Melbourne, you no longer have to compromise on choosing the best flooring options for you. Get in touch with us at (03) 9421 6866.