There are more suppliers for recycled timber in Australia as there are new timber; choosing between the two is difficult for many homeowners. However, this article will help you decide and guide you towards reputed reclaimed timber suppliers in Melbourne, so you can visit personally and understand the benefits.

Foremost, new timber offers multiple options for the look, feel, colour, grain etc. However, it is not the most sustainable option out there. On the other hand, when you choose recycled timber from Australia, you’ll be getting a different set of options altogether. Reclaimed timber is seasoned and full of character, charm, and features you wouldn’t get from new timber.

Apart from the look and feel, the major question is the timber’s longevity and durability, regardless of whether it is new timber or recycled timber. So let’s get to it!

What is Recycled Timber?

As the conversation shifted to climate change and reducing carbon footprint, the idea of recycling timber became popular. Once old structure timber would be left to decay and rot, the timber is salvaged, stripped-down, and nails are removed and given a new lease of life by reclaimed timber suppliers in Melbourne.

Old Wharves, railways, homesteads, abandoned warehouses, or old power poles are usually structures from which timber is recycled in Australia.

After salvaging it, the reclaimed timber suppliers in Melbourne, such as Eco Timber Group, mill it to get planks, beams, boards and posts. The timber is repurposed with the choicest finishes into a whole new range of products, including recycled timber decking for Melbourne homes.

Pros and Cons of New Timber vs Recycled Timber in Australia.

Cost Factor: It is always good to note that wood that ages is better than new wood. That is why recycled timber is expensive than new timber due to its labour-intensive prepping process. Plus, recycled timber has a unique and rare grain structure; the cost is based on that rarity.

Colour Variation: With timber, whether it’s new or recycled, colour variation exists. No two timber boards are like, and finishes may try to get a homogenous colour. For recycled timber, it should be expected to get a blend of colours. However, it should be noted that the charm comes from this uniqueness.

Texture and Characteristics: Recycled timber available in Australia are full of unique characteristics such as solid knots, large bolt holes, intricate grains and so on. New timber also has its own characteristics but not as pronounced as reclaimed timber.

The environmental factor: Sustainable Forest Management (PEFC) has been established to earmark certain areas of our forest for logging. It ensures that Australia’s timber stocks are abundant for generations to come. New timber suppliers like us are sourcing it from sustainable sources as members of the PEFC. We are also FSC certified timber product suppliers. Both of these are to promote sustainable timber supplies and to conserve Australian forests. Recycled wood is already an environmentally friendly option.

A bespoke range of reclaimed timber suppliers in Melbourne delivered all over Australia:

Eco Timber Group brings you a diverse selection of Australian recycled timber products that can impart a distinct look to your architecturally inspired project. Sourced from superior quality timber, our range is beautifully crafted to design one-of-a-kind creations just for you. They make the perfect addition and reflect timeless beauty. Our stunning range of recycled timber in Australia offers the most eco-friendly option.

If you wish to know more about our timber products, feel free to reach out to our team. We will be glad to assist you.