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Eco Timber group have been supplying architectural timber for Melbourne’s brightest builds for the last 14 years.


If you have not considered using architectural timber somewhere in the design of your new home, you are possibly ignoring the single biggest feature to add wow factor. TV shows such as Grand Designs and The Block have been incorporating architectural timber into their projects they feature on TV for years.

Family owned Eco Timber Group have established themselves as a brand in the space, with their profile as a company rising exponentially off the back of charred cladding.

‘’It’s a common sense solution to a ‘need’ for a lot of our clients, with their timber going grey or losing its original colour they wanted something that was more long lasting,’’ co-owner Sharn Alexander said.

‘’The charred cladding provides a colourfast, maintenance free option that also looks amazing in any space.’’
The Richmond based company loves making people’s projects their own. Ms Alexander said the company tries to envisage and deliver an outcome that they too would like for their own home. ‘’We are driven not by the sale but by the outcome. We often work very closely with architects to come up with timber solutions or even new timber profiles for projects with a difference.

‘’Our staff have passion. Passion for Eco as a brand, passion for our products, and a passion to deliver for their clients. Also a passion to keep getting better!’’
To find out more go to: Eco Timber Group.


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