More and more people are choosing to opt for sustainable resources and eco-friendly choices in their everyday life. To reduce their carbon footprint, more homeowners are opting for recycled timber furniture and eco furniture in Melbourne. This trend is even more enhanced by the fact that wood is a fabulous and evergreen choice for interior decors. As more and more outlets and businesses are offering recycled or reclaimed timber furniture in Melbourne, FSC certified timber product supplies (like us!), homeowners are finding it easier to welcome it.

Wood is a natural choice for homeowners, and here are 4 amazing reasons and benefits why we believe you should fall in love with wooden eco furniture in Melbourne.

1. It’s a renewable material.

One of the main materials used for the building has been timber. Timber is a natural resource and is renewable. However, the demand for timber has led to several areas being logged to extinction. This has caused habitat destruction to millions of animals and is threatening to send other animals into extinction and have a detrimental impact on the environment.

Timber suppliers like us, Eco Timber Group and manufacturers have greatly curbed the amount of emissions. We are selecting our timbers more carefully from sustainable sources and recycled structures and taking a larger role in ensuring their sustainability. When you choose to buy recycled timber furniture from us in Melbourne, you contribute to sustainable sourcing timber.

2. It lasts a long time.

Wooden furniture, doors or floors, depending upon whether they are exposed to the natural element, the quality of finish on them, and the actual type of wood used, all factor into the wood’s longevity. Usually, in the interiors, for doors, stairs, furniture or floors, wood tends to last a long time as it is sturdy and durable. Recycled timber furniture in Melbourne, from Eco Timber Group, is made of seasoned wood, which adds a unique character and strength to the wood products. Many types of wood, when treated properly, can last a lifetime, which makes its replacement unnecessary and thereby reducing consumption, finally making it better for the environment.

3. It’s great at retaining heat:

Wood experts say that the cellular make up of wood naturally retain heat more effectively than any other material. Wood is claimed to have 7X the power to retain heat within it than ceramic tiles. Due to this, a home with wooden or recycled timber furniture is more naturally warmer and requires less energy to keep it warm, invariably being good to the environment.

4. It’s 100% biodegradable:

Think about it, wood comes from trees, and any waste parts during the timber process like chippings can be used as a renewable energy source.

If you are looking for greener choices for your home décor and would love to opt for well-designed, sophisticated eco furniture in Melbourne from recycled timber, then think Eco Timber Group for all your timber needs. Connect with us today.